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Barrow teenager who suffered severe burns as toddler is thriving

A TEENAGER who survived extreme burns as a toddler has written a book about his experiences.

Charlie Whalley, from Barrow,  was aged just 15 months when he suffered horrific burns after pulling a pan of water onto himself in January 2010.

He and his parents Michelle and Andrew spent three weeks in hospital where he underwent skin grafts to repair the burns which destroyed ten per cent of his skin.

Three years ago, alongside his mum, Charlie began to write about his experience as a burns survivor.

The intention was to create an information leaflet to go into the ward at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, where he received treatment to help children, who suffer burns and their families.

The book, entitled ‘My Story’, has launched ahead of National Burn Awareness Day next Wednesday.

It aims to raise awareness of the everyday dangers at home that can lead to a child being burned or scalded, resulting in life-long issues.

Charlie is now thriving and plays in the academy at Preston North End Football Club.

Barrow’s MP Simon Fell paid tribute to the ‘tireless’ work of Charlie and his mum, calling them a ‘remarkable family’.

He said:  “When I was first made aware of Charlie’s story, I read it with tears in my eyes.

“I have three young children myself and it’s hard not to imagine it happening to them.

“Accidents like that which happened to Charlie are so unfortunate and random – what is important is that we know what to do if they do occur.

“So, please, support the CBT by sharing this post and raising awareness of Charlie’s incredible bravery, and the amazing work this very small but essential charity does.”

Ken Dunn, a trustee of The Children’s Burns Trust: “The number of babies and children sustaining burns and scalds each and every day is alarming. The majority of accidents happen in the home, and this year’s National Burn Awareness Day is drawing attention to the fact that the kitchen presents a number of very real dangers.

“By raising awareness of the different risks to children that can happen in the kitchen, particularly in the process of food preparation where we see the vast majority of accidents happening, we can help to reduce the number of devastating injuries that take place each year.”

See www.justgiving.com/campaign/charliesstory

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