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Election Diary: Gregory Campbell vows to knock on as many doors as possible in ‘the real world’

The DUP’s Gregory Campbell is being realistic as to just how many doors he and his team will get to in East Londonderry.

Taking to Facebook, Mr Campbell wrote: “Royal Mail claims there are 59,000 households in East Londonderry (has to be an investigation into that afterwards!).

“We definitely won’t get that number of homes visited but we will get more than most others do. Now that the nominations are in, the real electoral contest starts.

“This is the real world in 2024, not a preferred one, an online one or a pretend one but THE REAL WORLD.

“There are a number of problems to be faced up to, not walked away from, ignored or complained about, like others do.”

Elsewhere, the new Reform UK leader Nigel Farage has said he is personally endorsing DUP candidates Ian Paisley and Sammy Wilson in the general election, despite Reform’s alliance with the TUV.

Asked about this, Mr Farage said “new leadership brings change”. Hopefully Jim Allister doesn’t take it too badly.

Meanwhile, TUV Westminster candidate Dan Boutcher has posted on X, formerly Twitter, to hit out at those who stood for seats in the European Parliament in a bid to become “colonial legislators”.

It remains to be seen if that phrase will catch on.

No sunshine on a rainy day

When the election was called last month, politicians were thanking their lucky stars and predicting good weather on the campaign trail.

It hasn’t worked out like that, however.

Our candidates have frequently been complaining about getting caught in the rain while canvassing.

The latest is Green Party East Belfast candidate Brian Smyth. “Summer election, at least it’ll be warm, they said. Soaked to the bone today,” he wrote on X.

The candidates will be hoping some sunshine is on the horizon.

DUP leader’s on a roll

DUP leader Gavin Robinson has taken a swipe at the UUP’s North Down candidate Tim Collins on social media. Mr Collins said last week it costs less to insure his Rolls Royce in England than it does to insure a Ford Fiesta here.

He has since claimed our MPs have not raised the issue of the high cost of car insurance in NI in the Commons in the past. Mr Robinson said this is not the case, adding: “Tim is late to the party… even in a Rolls Royce.”

Picture of the Day

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak helps himself to a cake as he chats with members of the public at a garden centre in Crawley yesterday (Photo by Henry Nicholls – WPA Pool/Getty Images)

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