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End of an Era: Royal Mail to Cease Railway Transport

The National Postal Service of Britain, Royal Mail, has announced its decision to discontinue the use of railway transport for mail delivery starting October of this year, this is reported by the railway transport news portal Railway Supply.

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This move is part of their strategy to modernize and achieve zero carbon emissions by 2040.

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By signing a contract with International Distribution Services, owned by Czech billionaire Daniel Křetínský, Royal Mail is revising its logistics decisions amidst a changing market.

Andrea Rossi, CEO of DB Cargo UK, expressed disappointment with this turn of events, noting that it reduces opportunities for railway freight transport in the country.

Previously, Royal Mail had committed to increasing the use of trains as part of its environmental initiative.

However, high operational costs for electric traction became a significant factor leading to the decision to completely abandon this mode of transport.

Instead, the company is strengthening its use of road transport, which has sparked criticism from environmental circles.

Additionally, Royal Mail is cutting its number of domestic flights in half, stating this will increase reliability and reduce carbon emissions.

These steps are part of the company’s overall program to modernize and adapt to changing market conditions, including increasing demand for next-day parcel delivery services.

In response, public and expert reactions highlight that Royal Mail’s decision represents a significant step backward for sustainable logistics solutions in the country.

The railway freight sector faces challenges related to high operating costs, necessitating a review of government policy on subsidies and support for this type of transport.

Thus, the end of the railway era in Royal Mail’s delivery network marks the conclusion of an almost two-century tradition and reflects dynamic changes in modern logistics and the economy of Britain.

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