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Half Superbike, Half Postman Pat, This Hayabusa-Swapped Van Is All Custom

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Photo: Bennett Built Motorsport

Think the Grumman LLV mail trucks the USPS have been driving for 40 years are tin can boxes on wheels? Well, you ain’t seen nothing til you’ve seen what the UK’s favorite mail carrier had to deliver packages with. That’s right, the world of stop motion’s quantum leaped from BBC One to the realm of flesh and metal. If Postman Pat himself can’t take a ride, we can at least burn some rubber on his behalf.

What we see before us here is not a vehicle you can buy off the shelf. It’s an entirely bespoke, hand-fabricated tribute to an icon of the BBC’s children’s programming, made right at home in the UK. The team in charge is a small but scrappy outfit called Bennett Built Motorsport. Based out of the village of Redmarley D’Abitot in the southwest of England, BB Motorsport prides itself on following Lotus boss Colin Chapman’s old philosophy of simplifying and adding lightness. With a special emphasis on tube-steel frame sprint car racing, BB Motorsport is no stranger to custom fabrication work either.

Over the course of many long nights full of takeout cod with chips and many, many Red Bulls, the BB Motorsport team meticulously modified the body of a ’70s-vintage Italian mini-SUV called the Willam Fourgonnette and sold mostly in France. Over this, a custom body kit was made to replicate Postman Pat’s iconic Royal Mail delivery van. With hand-fabricated flared wheel arches, a modified floor pan, and most of its firewall ablated away and re-welded, the end result looks like a Nissan Cube and a Grumman LLV had a drunken fling and painted a vibrant red color. In short, it was the spitting image of Postman Pat’s cherished van.

For such a special and unique build, you need an equally special engine. Some low-end automotive-grade three-or four-cylinder units from a Honda or Toyota of some sort would’ve been perfectly fine for most. But because tiny cars and superbike engines go together like the ocean and sea salt with the right set of hands and tools behind it. That’s why a 400-horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder Suzuki Hayabusa engine is the perfect powerplant for a van as ridiculous as this one.

With all the fabrication work that went into building the body for Postman Pat’s delivery van, installing the superbike engine on custom motor mounts was a true work of modern craftsmanship. With a six-speed sequential racing transmission behind it and linked through a custom driveshaft to an elite racing differential, there’s plenty of hardware under the skin to make for an insane performance experience to match the one-of-a-kind looks. Did we mention that BB Motorsport built this for a paying customer? It means you could potentially have one as well with deep enough pockets.

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