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Just Stop the ego-warriors who exploit their own movement | Express Comment | Comment

Just Stop Oil protesters disrupt flower show (Image: Just Stop Oil)

What’s so hilarious about those eco morons who tried to wreck the Chelsea Flower Show this week is their sense of self-importance, their self-righteousness, their absolute belief that throwing orange powder around a sustainable garden and chanting silly mantras is actually saving the planet.

You just know these egotistical loons look in the mirror every morning truly believing they’re doing God’s work repeating their little war cry: “I AM saving the planet. I AM an eco-warrior. I WILL triumph.”

One of the idiots at Chelsea, Naomi Goddard, who clearly fancies herself as a female Che Guevara, said: “We wanted visitors to pick a side. Take a stand for good over evil, life over death, right over wrong.”

Well visitors DID pick a side and it wasn’t the protestors’. Their response was to turn a hose of them and tell them to bog off.

Watching these activists and all the others we’ve seen in recent weeks reminded me of some recent research which suggested that many of them are actually narcissists who exploit the notoriety of their movement to fuel their own egotistical desires.

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Just Stop Oil protester arrested

Just Stop Oil protester arrested (Image: Getty)

According to the researchers, manipulative individuals see some types of activism as a vehicle for “positive self-presentation (e.g. virtue signalling) and gaining status.” One of the paper’s authors said: “We think that narcissists are involved in activism not for altruistic reasons, but for selfish ones.”

And looking at those women at Chelsea this week you can see that’s true.

If these people had a brain cell between them they’d see that far from recruiting followers to their cause they’re driving them away but they don’t really care about that because it’s not actually about the cause, it’s about them feeding their gigantic egos.

And now, because most of us can see that, it’s impossible to support anything they do or say because apart from their narcissism, we see they’re actually ineffective and gutless. They don’t have the courage or the will to effect change by engaging with, or talking to, the people who can.

They’re also too scared to take on the world’s real polluters – China, the U.S., India – because they know what would happen if they staged their feeble little protests in those countries. So they “perform” in soft touch Britain which produces just 1% of the world’s carbon emissions and had started reducing them long before most of these silly protesters were born.

They know there’ll be no real consequences to their law breaking here, save for a couple of ego-boosting days in chokey.

The real pity isn’t just that these people are thick but that they think we are too and that we don’t see what they are.

Their lack of awareness about everything, not just of their own cause, is towering. What kind of environmentalist wrecks a sustainable garden, which they all are at the Chelsea Flower Show? What kind of environmentalist did what a bunch of vegan activists did this week and ripped terrified lambs away from their mothers who are still frantically looking for them.

But then causing distress to defenceless animals is nothing new to them. Look what they did on Grand National Day at Aintree. Their antics resulted in the death of a beautiful horse. But, hey, narcissists only love themselves – not the planet, not animals, not other people.

The fact is nothing these idiots are doing will save the planet and they need to admit, if only to themselves, that their protests aren’t even about that. They’re just a rite of passage for middle class young people and bored pensioners who join the fray because it’s better than watching daytime TV.

Nothing these protestors do will ever effect climate change. That will only be brought about by serious people. And these egoists aren’t serious people. They’re just vapid attention-seekers addicted to seeing themselves on TV and in the media.

Tina Turner dies

Tina Turner dies (Image: Getty)

Simply the best female performer in the word

Tina Turner’s death came out of nowhere. We didn’t know she’d been ill – and then suddenly she was gone. The Queen of Rock and Roll died as she had lived – graciously.

She didn’t need to tell the world about the illness that took her. She didn’t need to share it or make headlines out of it. She just exited this world quietly surrounded by the people she loved.

The thing is, we were all invested in Tina Turner. Forget for a minute the gargantuan talent. We were always in awe of how she escaped what many wouldn’t have – an abusive childhood and a violent thug of a husband she believed was going to kill her.

And against all the odds she triumphed and became THE best female performer in the word. Tina once said: “I spoke to all those who dreamed of a second chance.”

I hope she knew she spoke to a lot more of us than that….

Gary Lineker flew to Rome this week

Gary Lineker flew to Rome this week (Image: Getty)

Lineker’s ‘strong commitment’ is only to himself, and we’re the ones paying for it

The ego on legs that is Gary Lineker flew to Rome this week to collect an award from Amnesty International for his activism re: migrants and “strong commitment towards immigration and human rights issues.”

Eh? Lineker’s no activist. And I question his “strong commitment.”

All he did was post a few tweets – one of them so vile it compared this Government’s attempts to stop the illegal immigration with Hitler’s Nazi Germany.

The man’s a joke. If he wants to be an activist and a human rights campaigner he needs to pack in his £1.3M job at the BBC – paid for by our licence fee money – and walk the walk. Because currently he’s just a pampered keyboard warrior who uses the platform afforded him by the BBC – our supposedly “impartial” public broadcaster (HAH!) – to push his doolalley opinions.

It’s not a conscience he’s got – it’s a gargantuan ego that drives him to do whatever it takes for him to be the centre of attention. Bit like the eco idiots!

Rishi Sunak promises to get migration down

Rishi Sunak promises to get migration down (Image: Getty)

Scammers out for a free ride to UK

Rishi keeps promising to get migration down. He could start by tackling what happened in the Channel this week when
50 migrants on a small boat refused to be rescued by a French warship because they knew they’d be taken back to France. And so UK Border Force had to pick them up.

But why? Why are we acting as a taxi service to people who want to come here and scam the system? The people on that boat weren’t genuine refugees.

If they were they’d have taken any help on offer.

They’re economic migrants who want to come to Britain because the French won’t let them stay – and we will.

That’s what you need to be stopping Rishi – not the university students who bring in £41billion a year and then go home, and not the skilled workers who are coming to fill the jobs lazy Brits refuse – but the scammers!

Calvin Klein models underwear

Calvin Klein models underwear (Image: Calvin Klein)

Calvin Klein is a ‘sexy’ business

Is Calvin Klein trying to go broke? I ask because CK’s latest ad for underwear features two very fat, very unattractive people who’ve managed to make the company’s legendary pants look ugly. The pic is how they used to flog their stuff.

Also, in its pathetic efforts to pander to the woke mob, CK hasn’t just used a trans man to advertise a sports bra – it’s used a fat hairy one with man boobs.

And those disappointed by my description of the man – well, I’ll just have to live with your disappointment.

CK is torpedoing what was a sexy business model (that allows them to charge £30 for a pair of boxers) that’s taken them years to build?

Just like Adidas did last week when it used trans women with bulging genitalia to advertise women’s swimming costumes.

Just as Bud Light did before them. I used to buy Calvin Klein’s overpriced clothes – not any more. I hope you’ll all punish their farcical wokery – and follow suit.

Strikes lost mail billions

Royal mail has made a loss of a billion pounds in the last year thanks to endless strikes and a slump in demand for parcel deliveries.

It’s a reap-what-you-sow situation.

The company and its employees deliver a third rate service and so we find alternative ways to communicate and send parcels.

So if people lose jobs and the company goes bust they’ll only have themselves to blame!

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