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LETTER: Spare a thought for Royal Mail this Christmas

With the current rash of industrial action, there may not be too much sympathy for the Royal Mail. However, it is worth giving a thought to the frontline postmen and women, who toil daily to deliver our Christmas mail.

As an occasional deliverer of leaflets, I remain puzzled why so many householders seek to make it unnecessarily difficult for mail to be delivered through their front door. Many letterboxes contain an impenetrable thick ‘hedge’, against which letters simply get crumpled. And some boxes have an internal flap that has the strength of a gin-trap; my bloodied knuckles bear witness to the dangers of the job.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, there are houses that simply do not encourage deliveries. One in town proudly displays an expensive-looking front door, with a beautiful design etched into the glass. Where is the letterbox? It is thoughtfully placed at ground level, so that any postman with back problems, probably has to stretch out on the ground in order to achieve delivery.

A very Happy Christmas to our Royal Mail friends!

Hugh Sawyer

Foyle Park 


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