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‘Luckiest’ star sign according to Western astrology

In Western astrology, there are 12 zodiac signs with different personality traits and characteristics. What makes Sagittarius so lucky?

According to astrologers from personality dating app So Syncd, Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21) is the “luckiest” of all 12 signs.

Things rarely go wrong for this sign. In fact, “they are constantly showered with good fortune and opportunities”.

Sagittarius is a great friend to have as they might bestow some luck upon you too.

Sag will largely go through life without much hardship, because with Jupiter as their ruling planet, they “enjoy the protection of Lady Luck”.

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Planet Jupiter is associated with “good fortune, generosity, and abundance in all its forms”.

Because they are usually met with great results when doing almost anything, Sagittarius rarely holds back and is always keen for an adventure.

They meet incredible people and visit amazing places, “weaving a beautiful tapestry of knowledge and experiences”.

Ever the optimist, Sagittarius tends to look on the bright side and is a glass-half-full kind of person.

They rarely think of what the worst possible outcome could be – because it never really happens to them.

However they may be the envy of less lucky signs. According to the site, Scorpio is the least lucky of the 12 signs.

Not one destined for heartbreak, Sagittarius is unlikely to walk through life alone.

“They’re incredibly lucky in love, often finding true soulmates that align perfectly with their adventurous spirit.”

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According to astrology website Astroyogi, 2023 will be a “happy and delightful” time for Sagittarius.

It’s a great year to get on the property ladder or buy a second – or third – property as their financial situation is looking good.

This year will bring plenty of opportunities and new experiences, helping them make “significant progress”.

There might be a small bit of trouble in April caused by someone of the opposite gender, although this will be brief.

In October, there may be some slight tension with a partner although this will only be “temporary”.

Sagittarius is set to become more spiritual this year and develop an understanding of “the importance of life”.

Sag should also pack their bags as astrologers predict they will take a big trip abroad in 2023.

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