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King Charles comes to the role with an unenviably packed in-tray – but it’s not matters of state that should concern him most, but matters closer to home. That’s the view of the Daily Mail’s columnist Sarah Vine who believes that resolving the conflict with his younger son should be top of His Majesty’s to do list.

‘He’s got to sort out the Harry and Meghan situation, because I don’t think the truce was a truce, I think it was for the cameras,’ she tells our royal talk show Palace Confidential.

‘I’m not hearing anything good about Harry… he’s acting up and it’s not really a very good situation,’ ‘That needs to be resolved because he’ll go back to America and he’ll publish this book and goodness knows what will be in it. The Queen used to be the buffer – so that’s a real problem.’ 

The paper’s Diary Editor Richard Eden meanwhile believes that the family are missing the role formerly occupied by the Duke of Edinburgh. 

‘The Queen and Prince Philip had that really strong, wonderful partnership where he could be head of the family, while she was Head of State and it did seem to work quite effectively often it was a good cop/bad cop,’ he says. 

‘That’s not an option to King Charles at all. Camilla has no authority over William and certainly not Harry… if anything she would stay well clear to avoid making things worse.’

Meanwhile Kate Mansey, the Mail on Sunday’s assistant editor, argues that the head of the family role that the new Prince of Wales could step into.

‘I wonder if that’s a role that William might step into, [he] might be the person to come and sort the family out a bit more,’ she tells the show.

‘The job will fall to him anyway and Charles doesn’t like confrontation – he’d rather rule by consent rather than decree as someone described it to me within the Palace, he wants people to get on. He’d rather burying himself in the work and the matters of state rather than dealing with the more thorny issues of relationships.’

Plus our panel answer some of questions from viewers and Richard Eden shares his theory on how Prince Andrew might have managed to extend his stay at Royal Lodge.

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