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‘Postal workers deserve a fair wage’ – Newry MLA | Newry News



McNulty said postal workers deserved a wage increase that reflects the rising cost of living.

Postal workers are set to begin four days of strike action on 26 August.

Newry and Armagh MLA Justin McNulty says, “Royal Mail workers have the full backing of myself and the SDLP following their decision to commence strike action later this month.


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“Like many workers they are finding it harder to survive, with the cost of living crisis spiralling out of control, families’ bills increasing and wages remaining stagnant, something has to give.

“Royal Mail’s operating profit rose by over £70m last year and the company should be using this money to give staff a pay rise that recognises the difficult situation many people are facing.

“If we are going to deal with the multitude of issues facing our society at the minute, then we need to see big businesses passing on their large profits to staff.

“No worker takes the decision to strike lightly.


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“They do it because they feel they have exhausted all other options to secure fair pay and working conditions.

“It’s unfortunate that services will be affected by these four days of strike action.

“I would urge Royal Mail to sit down with unions and staff to reach an agreement on a pay deal before strike action commences on 26 August.”



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