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Rare error £2 coin listed on eBay as ‘great find’ could be worth £2,000

A rare error coin which experts are calling a “great find” has been listed online for £2,000. The £2 piece appears to lack the gold outer ring that this coin often features.

It is a 2022 coin that was released to celebrate the recent 150-year anniversary of the FA Cup. It features an image of the trophy and the dates 1871-1872 and 2021-2022.

This particular error coin may have been accidentally minted on one type of metal, so it appears all in one colour. This, according to experts, makes it a “very rare” collectable.

Colin Bellamy, owner of change checking website Coin Hunter, told the Mirror: “I think it’s a great find – single metal £2 coin errors are very rare. What adds to the appeal here is the subject matter and the fact it passed inspection at The Royal Mint to be sealed in a pack and sent out to a customer.”

Error coins are hard to come by due to the Royal Mint inspection process which Colin touches on. Because of that there may be only one of a handful, or one of a kind, making them highly valuable.

The 2022 error coin appears all gold

A description of the coin reads: “Rare Mono Error Coin 2022 FA Cup £2 Royal Mint Coin Bunc. Rare error straight from the mint this mono £2 coin is basically all gold missing the silver bit. Never seen another.”

Attached to the post were images of the coin sealed in packaging which bears the logo of the Royal Mint. The error coin appears all in one colour as opposed to the standard gold-coloured ring and a silver-coloured centre of the £2 piece.

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If you’re thinking of investing in an error coin for yourself, you should always be wary of those sold online through marketplaces like eBay. This is because there can be some fakes floating around.

If you’re unsure about a coin’s validity, experts like those at Coin Hunter can help you work out if a coin is the real deal or not. You can also ask the Royal Mint to verify whether a coin is real or a dupe.

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