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The 2p coin worth ‘£1,000’ due to Royal Mint error – check your spare change

Brits could have a 2p coin that is worth around £1,000 lurking in their loose change. The rare coin could be worth some serious cash due to a Royal Mint error.

There are currently three different 2p coins in circulation – but there’s only one that you should be looking out for. Between 1971 and 1981, all coins featured the words ‘New Pence’, but in 1983, a slip up meant that it was printed on an “extremely limited” number of 2ps.

TikTok star Thecoincollectoruk urged people to watch out for the coins, which they described as “very rare”. They told their 51,000 followers if found, they can be sold “for around £1,000”, reports The Sun.

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During the clip posted online, they said: “There are three different 2p coins in circulation currently: The regular Welsh Feathers 2p, the Royal Shield of Arms 2p and the one you want to be looking out for, the New Pence 2p. Between 1971 and 1981 all 2p coins had the words New Pence to celebrate the coin entering circulation.

“However, in 1983 the Royal Mint accidentally minted New Pence 2p coins in extremely limited numbers. These are very rare and go for around £1,000. This was also the case with the One Penny coins as well during those years. However, the mistake was only made on the 2p in 1983 and the 1p coins were highly minted.”

The value of coins is not only dependant on its rarity but also its condition. Any coin in mint condition will be worth more to a collector than one which is worn.

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