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Tories denounce BBC’s Nick Robinson for referring to “murders of tens of thousands of innocent Palestinians”

The truth about Israel’s ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians in Gaza was inadvertently spoken of by BBC journalist Nick Robinson Monday. It met a torrent of denunciations from Britain’s Conservative government and a prompted a swift apology from Robinson on behalf of the state broadcaster.

Robinson, with the BBC since 1986, its political editor for 10 years and now a presenter on its flagship radio programme Today, was speaking with Foreign Secretary David Cameron on the Iranian attack against Israel.

Robinson outside St Stephen’s Club, London in May 2010 [Photo by Nick_Robinson_TP.jpg: Tom Page / CC BY-SA 2.0]

At the close of an otherwise ordinary fifteen-minute interview, Robinson asked: “You will know, I think you’ve talked about, the fact that the West has been perceived to lose the argument, with even many of its own people, ever since the war of terror began.

“Isn’t the real risk of where we are now, that Western governments appear to back Israel the moment that Israel is under attack, but when Israel attacks and murders tens of thousands of innocent Palestinians, we say the words, but we do almost nothing?”

The response to the use of the words “murder” and “innocent civilians” was outraged. Conservative former cabinet minister Theresa Villiers told the Sun, “Even by the BBC’s standards this is shocking bias.

“I can’t believe that this kind of question is asked on one of the nation’s most influential and highly regarded news programmes. Israel does not target civilians. The country is defending itself from a brutal terror attack and making strenuous efforts not to harm civilians.

“The BBC should launch an immediate investigation into this latest example of an anti-Israel statement by one of its presenters.”

Fellow Tory MP Greg Smith denounced, “Outrageous bias from the BBC.

“Israel is the nation being attacked–the actual victims–seeking to defend themselves from further attacks by terrorists who have the stated aim of destroying Israel and killing Jews.”

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