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Facebook Marketplace offers US deliveries with DoorDash

Facebook Marketplace in the US has agreed a deal with DoorDash to deliver goods from sellers to buyers within 15 miles of the seller.

Under the deal DoorDash drivers will only deliver items that are small enough to fit in a car boot, and drivers are expected to make the deliveries within 48 hours.

Initially the service is limited to around 25 cities across the US and joins the ‘Dolly’ service that allows users to connect with local ‘helpers’ that will load bulky items such as fridges, bookshelves or an air conditioner into a truck and deliver them to the buyer’s house for a fee,

It isn’t known how many Facebook Marketplace users have the DoorDash option or how much DoorDash charges per delivery.

This serves a need for customers buying from Facebook Marketplace who generally buy low-priced and larger items from sellers thanks to there being no buyers’ or sellers’ fees in the transaction. If Meta is to go head to head with rivals eBay, a delivery service would help it compete with eBay’s logistics offering.

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