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Hurricane Commerce helps carriers prepare for EU’s ICS2

Cross border parcel customs software providers Hurricane Commerce are helping carriers and postal operators prepare for the EU’s Import Control System second phase (ICS2). ICS affects all parties transporting cargo, express or postal items to or via the European Union by air.

Beginning in March 2023, postal operators and carriers exporting into the EU must comply with new data reporting requirements for pre-loading and pre-arrival customs risk assessments. These dats requirements will include a complete and accurate product description as well as a minimum number of data elements.

According to Hurricane Commerce, a number of companies are looking to go beyond the minimum data elements. At the same time carriers like Lufthansa Cargo are asking customers to “provide the mandatory data for the ICS2 reporting as of January 1st 2023 so we can ensure an effortless introduction of the regulation“. At the same time the firm also requires customers to provide six-digit Harmonised Commodity Codes (HS6) of the inbound goods on HAWB level which has been provided to the carrier.

Hurricane Commerce is supporting a number of postal operators and carriers in preparing ahead of the March 2023 deadline. David Spottiswood, co-founder of Hurricane Commerce, said: “We have seen a noticeable increase in enquiries from forward-thinking postal operators and carriers in the last few weeks as they recognise the need to gear up for the second release of ICS2 and build it into their development roadmaps.

“As of March 2023, and earlier in the case of organisations like Lufthansa, it is essential that the data sets provided contain complete and accurate product descriptions and HS6 codes.

“Those posts which start their planning now are the ones which will be best-placed to ensure a seamless transition to the new data requirements that are integral to ICS2.”

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